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If you have ideas for exercises or ways to improve this site, contact me via the comments form.

How much does this course cost?

This is not really an online course, but a series of exercises for anyone to use. Thus, there is no fee or registration involved. Nor is it conceived as a comprehensive language "course," so it does not cover all aspects of the Spanish language.

I've been doing your exercises but I still don't have any grades...

I cannot send grades or answers to anyone who is not a student of mine. If you are an official student of any given institution, contact your Department or University for advice on how to incorporate the exercises into your curriculum. If you are studying Spanish on your own, some of the exercises of this site may help you to review and refresh your knowledge, specifically the ones listed under Self-Check Exercises. The rest of them are designed to be monitored by an instructor.

Do you mind if I mirror your entire site, or part of it?

In principle, I do not oppose the idea of having my exercises in another server. On the contrary, I would encourage everyone to use them as they best suit their educational needs, provided that certain basic conditions are met. Please read the Copyright Notice for more information.

Do you write your own cgi's and JavaScritpt scripts?

The present cgis that run the web form-based exercises have been written by Simon Rak, who adapted them from a cgi stored in our server. Simon and I continue to work together to add interactivity to this and other projects.

Since I am not a professional programmer, writing JavaScript requires a lot of web surfing and testing. I have written several of the programs that run the exercises, but most of them are adaptations from other scripts. I have learned much from Danny Goodman's JavaScript Pages and by reading his book JavaScript Bible. Another good place to start is the JavaScript listing of Yahoo, and, of course, the JavaScript Authoring Guide put together by Netscape.

Would you be willing to incorporate new ideas into your exercises?

Yes, of course. I look forward to hearing everyone's ideas, so I can offer a more diversified language site. I am aware that there is a vast array of approaches to the conceptualization, design, and practice of language exercises, but I also believe that we can best serve our profession by sharing our projects and teaching experiences.

Go ahead, then. I really hope that you are not too shy about sharing your ideas and comments with me.

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