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In this section you will find links to exercises for the instructors to assign to their students as review or homework. All of them require feedback by an instructor.

The students' answers go by default to my e-mail account, but all the exercises allow any user to send them to any other e-mail address. What this means is that if, for any reason, you don't want to change the content or format of the exercises, you can tell your students to send them to another e-mail account whose owner (instructor or student) can review the answers. In order to do that, follow these easy steps when filling out the form at the end of each

  • Students must type their e-mail address and that of the instructor.
  • "I am a student at Ursinus College" must not be checked if the student is not officially enrolled in Ursinus College.
  • Students can receive a copy of their answers in their e-mail by clicking in the checkbox "Send me a copy of my responses."
  • All fields require a full e-mail address.

How it works

Select a category from the list on the left. A detailed description of each exercise will appear on the chosen page.

When you click on the exercise a new browser window will open. To return to this page after doing the exercise close its window (click on the top right corner in a PC, and on the top left corner in a Mac).

Unless otherwise indicated, all exercises should work with Netscape Navigator 4. and Microsoft Explorer 4.

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