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Formal Commands
Giving Directions: Sol

La Puerta del Sol
La Puerta del Sol - Madrid


This exercise consists of tracing on a map the directions given to a tourist on an audio file. The map depicts an actual part of old downtown Madrid known as Sol.

This exercise uses expressions to indicate location (i.e., "to the right", "to the left", "straight ahead", etc.) and imperative forms (commands) for the formal second person (usted) of verbs commonly used when giving directions: "to turn", "to keep/continue", "to go down/up", etc.

There is also some minimal vocabulary that you may not know, but most of it should be easily inferred from the context. There is one phrase with which you may have difficulties: "boca (mouth) de Metro", translates as "subway entrance".

The icon Metro sign on the maps indicates the Metro entrances.

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You can do this exercise in several ways. The audio files play a native speaker from Madrid.:

a) Print a map before listening to the audio to draw your own directions and then check your answer.

b) Listen to the audio and determine which map of the ones provided corresponds to the indications given in the audio file to the lost tourist.

c) Do a listening comprehension exercise by filling the blanks of the transcribed directions.

If you want to draw your own directions, select: Blank Map.
If you want to choose from a series of maps, select: Map Options.
If you want to do the fill-in-the-blank exercise, select: Listening Comprehension.

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