Medios de transporte

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For some reason, this exercise does not work for Microsoft Internet Explorer: you can still click on the drawings to hear their sound, but it will not give you the audio feed back. I decided to leave the exercise accesible to IE users, so that they get a chance of seeing how it's done. I apologize for this inconvenience.

All the drawings and sounds were created by my son, Alexander William de Arana Hardin, age 5 at the time this exercise was designed. I thought it'd be interesting for the learner of Spanish to listen to the voice of a child in the target language, considering that children present so many phonetic idiosincrasies when they speak the language (my son was born in the US and English is his first language, but we speak Spanish as much as possible both at home and outside the home). For some users, the identification of the drawings could be an added challenge (of course, as his father, I think Alex's drawings are as clear as they can be!).


  • Click on an image to hear its word.
  • After that, type the word in the blank and check your answer by clicking on the check mark , and Alex will tell you whether the answer is correct.











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