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Presentaciones l

Presentaciones Il

  In this section you will find self-checking exercises using video. Read the descriptions below to have a better idea about the content of the pages.

When you click on the exercise a new browser window will open. To return to this page after doing the exercise close its window (click on the top right corner in a PC, and on the top left corner in a Mac).

Presentaciones I

A short exercise follows a 20-second self-introduction by a native speaker.

This page requires RealPlayerG2.

Presentaciones II

A guided-video web site around a 23-second self- introduction by a native speaker: previewing activity with a matching exercise for vocabulary followed by a guessing question; viewing of the video and, finally, a multiple choice exercise to check the comprehension, and a fill-in-the-blank exercise to complete the script of the content of teh video.

This page requires Quick Time 4 or higher.

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