Spanish Language Exercises

Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns



Remember that Spanish not always follows the subject-verb-object order in the syntax. Review your direct and indirect object pronouns before doing this exercise.


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Click on the option that interprets correctly the Spanish sentence. There is only one correct answer.


1. Mi padre nos llama todos los fines de semana.
         Who calls whom?

My father calls us every weekend.
We call our father every weekend.

2. Nos visitan a menudo nuestros familiares.
         Who visits whom?

We often visit our relatives.
Our relatives often visit us.

3. No les gusta mi prima a mis amigos.
         Who doesn't like whom?

My friends don't like my cousin.
My cousin doesn't like my friends.

4. A mamá la llevan al cine los hermanos.
         Who takes whom to the movies?

The siblings take Mom to the movies.
Mom takes the siblings to the movies.

5. Tu abuelo te escribe tarjetas postales en verano.
         Who writes post cards to whom?

Your grampa writes post cards to you.
You write postcards to your grampa.

6. ¿Te ayuda tu hermano con las tareas?
         Who helps whom with the homework?

Do you help your brother with the homework?.
Does your brother help you with the homework?

7. A mis tíos siempre les convencen mis padres.
         Who convinces whom?

My uncle and aunt always convince my parents.
My parents always convince my uncle and aunt.

8. ¿Te gustan mis padres?
         Who likes whom?

Do you like my parents?
Do my parents like you?

9. A los abuelos siempre los respeta la familia.
         Who respects whom?

The grandparents always respect the family.
The family always respects the grandparents.

10. A los hijos los invitan los padres.
         Who invites whom?

The children invite their parents.
The parents invite their childen.

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